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Finding aids provide detailed information about individual record series held by the State Archives. You can search all finding aids for information specific to prisons and prisoners.

click here The institutions and date spans of correctional facility case registers or cards available for use at the State Archives are as follows Contact Us. Finding Aids. New York Archives Magazine. Archives Partnership Trust. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg administered the oath of office to recruits at a correction academy graduation held at Brooklyn College on April 17, It is noted that the requirements that must be met to become a New York City correction officer differ from those for New York State.

Requirements for New York City correction officer jobs are as follows:. Qualified candidates must take a written exam at one of two NYC sites. The federal correctional institution near Otisville, New York is a medium security prison for male inmates operated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, a division of the U. Department of Justice. The facility boasts boccie courts, horseshoe pits, space for soccer games, cookouts with all the trimmings on July 4th and Memorial Day, and accommodations for inmates with kosher diets.

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Most inmates here are serving sentences of less than 10 years. Education and Experience Requirements — New federal correctional officer recruits enter their jobs at either the GS-5 or GS-6 level, and must meet the following minimum requirements accordingly:. Education is one of the most important qualifications for beginning a career as a federal corrections officer. Candidates whose applications are accepted must successfully complete a thorough medical examination, a psychological assessment, physical fitness evaluation and personal interview. Personal characteristics sought after in the personal interview include:.

Training Requirements — All new federal correctional officers spend hours in training and orientation, including 80 hours of orientation at their assigned correctional facility and hours training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Academy in Glynco, Georgia. All federal correctional officers participate in 16 to 40 hours of additional training every year. How to Apply — Correctional officers make up the largest portion of employees of the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Applications are only accepted for current openings which are listed at the USA Jobs website , along with online application forms.

Correctional officers at Otisville are responsible for the custody, surveillance, safety and well-being of criminal offenders. Because Otisville is a medium security prison in which inmates have been convicted of non-violent crimes, the duties of correction officers focus on maintaining a calm and cooperative environment. Responsibilities include:. Although Rikers Island has the capacity to house 15, offenders, it currently averages 10, inmates. The island is a small city within a city, incorporating 10 jails, a power plant, maintenance building, transportation facility, K-9 unit and infirmary.

Persons interested in working as correction officers on Rikers Island must meet the following qualifications:. The correction officer training program consists of six main components:. Rochester, located south of Lake Ontario in Monroe County, is home to two prisons, a pre-trial detention center that usually holds about 1, inmates awaiting trial and the Monroe County Correctional Facility.

This minimum-security prison for males over the age of 16 is classified as a rehabilitation and work-release facility. Requirements — New York State correctional officers must meet the following minimum job requirements:. The state of New York has an enormous variety of state and private colleges and universities as well as numerous online schools offering relevant degrees in criminal justice or law enforcement administration. Training — New recruits are required to complete 12 months of intensive training.

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Trainees live at the academy except on weekends. They attend both classroom studies and field training. Courses include such topics as:. Field work involves both physical fitness and firearms training. Fitness training focuses on increasing strength, endurance and stamina. Students must pass a physical fitness test in order to graduate.

Following graduation from the Academy, recruits spend 10 months working under the supervision of a superior officer before being given a regular assignment. Call to obtain a paper application. Note that applications are only accepted for open positions.

Details about the civil service exam and sample tests are available at the civil service examination website. Monroe County prison is well known for its extensive educational, rehabilitative, vocational and transitional programs as well as chaplain and worship services for members of the Protestant, Catholic, Jewish and Islamic faiths.

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Kitchen services are willing to accommodate religious diets. A chemical dependency rehabilitation program was introduced in in which credentialed counselors offer group and individual counseling. The program has proven to reduce prison recidivism.

Transitional services are offered in cooperation with community organizations. They include an employment preparation program and a work release program in which inmates are employed in the community on weekdays but return to the correctional facility after work and on weekends. Sing Sing is unique because it is bisected by a Hudson Metro-North railroad track. Sing Sing has roughly 2, inmates and a staff of 1, employees, including correctional officers. Correctional officers are responsible for the custody, security, safety and well-being of criminal offenders.

Specific duties include:. Applicants must meet the following requirements in n order to qualify for New York state correctional officer jobs:.

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Department of Corrections and Community Supervision Inmate Population Information Search (For Criminal Justice Use Only; New York State ID Number) . Computerized inmate information is available from the Inmate Lookup capability which is generally available 24 hours a day except for a 15 minute period every.

Although only a high schools diploma or its equivalent is required, any college classes in relevant subjects like criminal justice or law enforcement are an advantage not only for being hired but also for advancing to a supervisory position. All candidates for state correctional officer at Sing Sing must earn a score of at least 70 percent on a written civil service examination that focuses on the knowledge and skills needed for the position.

Examinations are given in both Spanish and English. Specific skills tested for include:. Applicants must earn a score of at least 70 on the test. Test guidelines and samples are available at the civil service examination website.

New York state prisoners to get free tablets for education, contacting family

All new recruits are required to complete a month training program. Recruits remain at the academy each week from Sunday evenings through Friday afternoons. Successful completion of the eight-week training qualifies graduates as NY Peace Officers and is worth 16 college credits toward a college degree in law enforcement. Academy training is followed by three weeks on-the-job training under direct supervision before new officers are assigned to full duty at a correctional facility.

An additional 32 weeks are spent on probation before becoming a G14 Corrections Officer.