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I found the listed Phone number associated with it. Diversified Consultants.

We will press charges for harrassments if not dealt with. Keep getting calls from this number and it is a woman using my first name to contact me. I don't owe anyone any money.

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Don't know why they would be calling me but I also don't really care as it must be a wrong number. If they continue to call me and hang up and not leave a message like they did the last time I will also be reporting them as a harassing phone call.

Electronic Death Registration System

I keep getting a woman caller who calls my answering machine and leaves messages starting out with my first name as if she knows me and then hangs up. On further research, this number is a debt collector, located in downtown Sacramento, CA. Will have to spread the wood about these vultures calling and harassing people that don't owe anyone any money.

Call is from a FAX machine.


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A company called Diversified Consultants in Sacramento says they get about 10 angry calls a day from people like me who want to stop the faxed calls, but it's not them and they don't know who it is. Looks like some scammer or idiot has taken over this number.

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Caller: who knows? Call type: Fax Reply!

Texas Medical Board

Got two calls from this number in the span of a couple of minutes. Full compliance in the use of EDRS is mandatory for all hospitals all departments including Emergency Room and Special Units where deaths may occur , nursing homes, certified hospice providers, primary care physicians, specialty providers oncologists, cardiologists, surgeons, etc.

The EDRS team will continue to offer recurring trainings and any onboarding assistance for medical certifiers, funeral directors, and registration officials. Training dates and self-paced video tuturials can be found by scrolling to the bottom of this page and clicking on the role-specific page links located in the left menu bar.

chanbabelle.gq Support and cooperation from all of our stakeholders is essential for successful transition to operational mode of this worthwhile initiative. Questions regarding this directive should be routed to the Bureau of Vital Records at An online form is available for all system users experiencing an issue with processing a death certificate electronically within the hours required by Public Health Law. Upon investigation, a member of the EDRS team will promptly contact you to address and resolve the issue.

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