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Com. v. Shawley

However, the use of the singular form suggests, to the contrary, that jurisdiction over a child may be exercised based on findings concerning only one parent.

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The language of the court rule and statute in no way mandate a trial concerning every parent in order for the court to take jurisdiction over a child. In In re CR, supra at , this Court explained:. There is no question that parents have a due process liberty interest in caring for their children and that child protective proceedings affect that liberty interest.?

MCR 3. The family court? Thus, after Frederick pleaded no contest to the allegations set forth in the FIA petition, the family court had the authority to take jurisdiction over Johnathon and proceed to terminate respondent? See id. This Court cautioned only that the petitioner? Petitioner provided such legally admissible evidence at the adjudicative trial regarding Linda. Respondent was involved in the trial regarding Linda and was represented by counsel.

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The trial regarding Linda was based upon a petition containing allegations that were identical in all material aspects to those alleged in the petition filed in Johnathon? The family court relied on the legally admissible evidence admitted at this trial in deciding to terminate respondent? Therefore, the family court did not violate respondent? Photographic Evidence Respondent also argues that the trial court abused its discretion in admitting a photograph of Anne Marie before her injuries and a post mortem photograph of Anne Marie.

A decision whether to admit photographic evidence is reviewed for an abuse of discretion. Respondent contends that the photographs should have been excluded under MRE because they had little or no probative value and were introduced merely to inflame the jury. Evidence is relevant if it has? MRE Relevant evidence?

The photographs of Anne Marie were offered to refute respondent? We agree that the severity and multitude of injuries depicted tends to prove that the infliction of the injuries likely caused some noise over the course of the time they were. Respondent does not challenge the constitutional validity of this court rule.

This fact makes more likely a conclusion that respondent knew that Anne Marie was being beaten, an issue that is central to petitioner?

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Further, the photograph of Anne Marie? We further conclude that the danger of unfair prejudice does not substantially outweigh the probative value of the photographs. Although the post mortem photograph is disturbing, there is no indication that this photograph presented an enhanced or altered representation of Anne Marie? Further, while various witnesses testified about Anne Marie?

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A picture need not be excluded merely because a witness can orally testify about the information contained therein. Mills, supra at The trial court did not abuse its discretion by finding that the probative value of the photographs was not substantially outweighed by the danger of unfair prejudice.

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FREE Background Report & Reputation Score () for Fred Shawley in St James, MD - View Criminal & Court Records | Photos | Address, Emails & Phone . We granted Steven A. Shawley's (appellant's) petition for allowance of appeal in Appellant was arrested on May 22, and charged with two counts of He had just got out of Camp Hill three weeks before that and she wanted to know if I .

Ineffective Assistance of Counsel Finally, respondent contends that his trial counsel was ineffective for failing to object to the lack of foundation concerning the two photographs of Anne Marie. Whether respondent was denied the effective assistance of counsel presents a constitutional question subject to de novo review. To prevail on a claim of ineffective assistance of counsel, respondent must show that his trial counsel?

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In order to prove prejudice, respondent must show that there is? Here, even if counsel erred by failing to object to the admission of the two photographs based upon lack of authentication, and the photographs should have been excluded on these grounds, respondent has failed to show that he was prejudiced by the admission of the photographs. The photograph of Anne Marie before her injuries is similar to one admitted by stipulation of the parties, and the post mortem photograph is no more gruesome than autopsy photographs that were admitted without objection by respondent?

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Before: Zahra, P. Funeral services will be held Monday morning with requiem mass at St Mary's Church. His wife was the daughter of John Dixon. Dassey exhibited no signs of agitation or distress throughout the interview he sobbed only after being told he was under arrest. Click here for a copy of the Blair, Levine and Shaw study. This case not only marks a common sense change in the application of s. His age is 5?

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