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Criminal Record may be required when applying for an overseas visa or when relocating to another country. New Zealand Police Website. Embassy Websites: Information and Links to the different Embassies, High Commissions and representative offices can be found here.

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One such example is a general snapshot of crime during the preceding year, compared with the year before. Retrieved 3 February Retrieved 23 April — via www. The Information Commissioner is authorised to have regard to criminal history when considering engaging persons to perform relevant duties to ensure the person is suitable to perform the duties. If you applied as an individual FSP, you can't apply again until you can successfully pass the check.

New Zealand Ministry of Justice. Get a copy of your criminal record. Request authorization to view someones criminal record. An individual must meet all of the criteria in section7 of the Criminal Records Clean Slate Act before all of their convictions can be concealed. The general criteria for obtaining the benefits of the 'clean slate' scheme are set out below.

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The individual must have:. Jump to: navigation , search. Create Procedure for New Zealand. Request a Procedure.

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Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read Edit View history. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. This policy and procedure applies to public service employees, contractors, students and volunteers engaged at the Office of the Information Commissioner OIC. The Information Commissioner is authorised to have regard to criminal history when considering engaging persons to perform relevant duties to ensure the person is suitable to perform the duties.

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A criminal history check will be undertaken for all prospective temporary and permanent employees prior to being offered an engagement with OIC. Criminal history checks will be undertaken for casual employees, volunteers and contractors as assessed and advised by the Information Commissioner on a case by case basis.

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Existing OIC employees moving within OIC may be required to undertake a criminal history check when moving into a different role that has additional financial or legislative requirements. Screening of temporary employees who are being considered for permanent roles is at the discretion of the Information Commissioner. The criminal history will not take into account convictions that are not required to be disclosed in accordance with the Criminal Law Rehabilitation of Offenders Act The criminal history check will include Queensland, the Commonwealth, other States and Territories jurisdictions and the New Zealand jurisdiction as appropriate.

A New Zealand criminal history check will be undertaken where the prospective employee has resided in New Zealand for a period of greater than 6 months in the preceding 10 years. Having a criminal history will in itself not prevent a successful applicant from being appointed to a position in OIC.

The particular criminal history will be assessed against the duties, responsibilities and operational requirements in OIC. A criminal history will not be obtained without the consent of an applicant. Should, however, an applicant not consent, the Information Commissioner is not required to further consider the applicant for engagement. OIC will request interviewed applicants to complete a written consent form Attachment A and provide suitable documentation to confirm proof of identity to obtain a criminal history.

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