Check ip address in windows 2000

How do I find the MAC address in Windows 2000?

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Connection-specific DNS Suffix. Windows XP allows to check the IP-address via " Network Connections " by displaying the " Status " of a connection right-click the connection , pop-up menu : tab : Support. Connection-specific DBS Suffix. If you do not like to use the Command-Prompt window, you can view this information also via the Control-Panel : " Administrative Tools " in the " Computer Management ":, section. My home-network uses the IP-range reserved for private networks: Adapter Domain name.

Among the listed items select Network and Dial-up connections. Select Local area connection from the items under Network and Dial-up connections ; this opens with the general information on Local area connection status.

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Click on the Properties button. The Local area connection properties dialog opens listing all the protocols. Click on the Advanced button at the bottom of the dialog. Click Add button next to the displayed IP addresses to add an IP address with a corresponding sub-net mask.

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To start a Command Prompt on a computer that is running Windows NT, Windows , Windows XP or Windows Server , click Start, click. As part of your network check, you need to verify your TCP/IP- Windows / XP has configured TCP/IP "to Obtain an IP address.

You will have to re-start the system for the changes to take effect. The procedure to configure virtual IP addresses in bulk under Windows is given below. When you select this, the right side data content will display IP address and properties.

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Double click on the IP address field. This opens a Multi-String editor where the virtual IP addresses you want have to be keyed in.

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You can cut and paste to minimise the time for large number of IPs. When you have finished entering the IP addresses, select the subnetmask field This opens a Multi-String editor where the subnetmask you want have to be keyed in.

Windows TCP/IP Configuration for ARRIS Cable Modems

Enter the same number of subnetmasks Now you should be able to ping these virtual IP addresses. Also, make sure that there are no conflicts in the network i. Invoke the linuxconf tool. For starting this tool you have to be logged in as Super user.

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In the displayed menu, select the menu item : IP Aliases for virtual hosts and press Enter. This will display the two interfaces eth0 and lo. Ethernet interfaces in Linux are called by such names as eth0 and eth1. Select eth0 and press Enter.

This will show all the IP aliases configured for the selected interface. In the field IP alias or range, enter the desired IP address or the range with a corresponding Netmask. Example IP alias or range : When you are configuring a large number of IP address, it might take a long time to boot up.