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It is imperative that anyone interested in participating in the Tax Deed Sale performs due diligence including a full title and lien search prior to bidding on any property. Before you can bid in a sale, you must make a deposit. All deposits must be submitted online via an electronic debit ACH deposit. Click the My Payments link after logging in and Submit Deposit.

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Once the auction ends, follow the steps in the Bidding Summary in order to complete the sale. Frequently Asked Questions What is a tax deed sale? Where can I find the address for a property in which I am interested?

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What is an online tax deed sale? How is an online tax deed sale different from a "live" tax deed sale?

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What equipment or software do I need to be able to participate? Will it cost me anything to participate? Who do I contact if I have a question about how to use the website? If I have questions about a specific tax deed, who do I contact? When is the tax deed issued and how will it be sent to me? Does a tax deed sale eliminate all other liens on a property?

How do I get started? When does the auction start and when can I place my bids?

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What is proxy bidding? What is the "One Minute Rule"? How do I submit my deposit? What is an ACH debit? What happens if I win a property? When do bidders have to pay the amount due for their purchases?

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The Broward County Records, Taxes and Treasury Division: places or “records” Your search of the Official Record must be by property owner. If you do not. Use our online records search to view a comprehensive listing of documents Has the Recorder's office received the Certificate of Title from the Clerk of Courts .

What form of payment is required for deposits and final payment? What happens if I fail to pay the balance within the period indicated? What happens to my deposit if I don't win any property? Where can I find additional tax deed FAQs? When are the tax deed sales conducted? Where can I get a list of tax deeds scheduled for upcoming tax deed sales?

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How can I download the sale list? Where can I find information on tax deed sales procedures? What are the required fees? Why is the opening bid subject to change? Can I purchase a Lands Available property online? Do I need to register and enter a bid if I am the tax deed applicant? What happens if no bids are made above the opening bid? What is a tax deed sale? Property owners are required to pay property taxes on an annual basis to the County Tax Collector. Generally, if the tax certificate has not been redeemed within two years, the holder of the certificate can apply to force a public auction of the property.

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Serving the Broward County area, we offer title insurance, lien searches, short sale, and closing services for homeowners and businesses alike. Modules Discover Identify new opportunities faster than ever before. Additional Insurance. We are a GC getting ready to complete work on a building owned by a corporation. You can find out more about which cookies we are using in our Privacy Policy. Unfortunately, the Broward County Records, Taxes and Treasury Division cannot assist you in completing forms or checking completed forms, and cannot give you legal advice. A deed that does not contain all these requirements cannot be recorded.

This auction is referred to as a "tax deed sale" and the monies collected from the sale are used to pay off the amount owed to the certificate holder. You may also click the Tax Deed , which will take you to the Tax Collector's website to see what you can learn about the property.

Frequently Asked Questions

Neither the auction site nor Tax Collector's office provide property information. It is your responsibility to do all the independent research regarding the property, including but not limited to, determining the property value and whether there are any liens, encumbrances or title defects. An online tax deed sale is an auction where bids are transmitted and received electronically through the Internet using a computer and a web browser.

Florida Statute Prior to online tax deed sales, bidders assembled at the County Commissioners' Chambers of the Governmental Center and called out their bids to an auctioneer. Winning bidders who were awarded properties paid their minimum deposits directly to the Tax Collector during the auction. Online sales allow this process to be handled electronically.

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Each bidder will use a personal ID and password to log on to the website and enter bids for individual properties and deposits must be submitted at least three 3 full business days prior to submitting auction bids. A bidder must have internet access and a web browser; recommended browsers include: Internet Explorer version 9. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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The Records, Taxes and Treasury Division will certify to the Clerk of the Circuit Court a list of all persons required by law to be notified prior to the sale of the property and a certification of monies involved in the application.

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The tax deed applicant will then be notified of the additional funds needed for advertising and other costs. After all necessary advertising and noticing, the Clerk's office will schedule a tax deed sale date. For complete rules please see Florida Statute Can I apply for a tax deed online? For more information, please go to LienHub.