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Arlington County, Virginia

The request asks that we advise you regarding any matters with respect to which we have been engaged, or have devoted substantive attention, in the form of legal consultation or representation on behalf of the Company and which involve;.

The two preceding paragraphs are for. This letter is solely for your information and assistance in connection with your audit of, and report with respect to, the financial condition of the Company arid it is not to be quoted or otherwise referred to in any financial statements of the Company or related documents without prior written consent of this firm. Biscayle Boulevard, Suite We call your attention to the following facts which indicate the limits of the professional engagement of this firm by the Company. Our knowledge of such matters is limited by the scope of the referral or consultation.

March 4, To the extent that the Company Letter requests an opinion with respect to the outcome or exposure by reason of the matters referred to in Schedule I, we refer to the limitations expressed in Section I of this letter and to Section VII of this letter, and as contemplated by Paragraph 5 of the ABA Statement of Policy, we give no opinion. No material loss contingencies in the nature of unasserted possible claims or assessments are specifically identified in the Company Letter, Accordingly, subject to the limitations expressed in Section I of this letter and in Section VII of this letter and as contemplated by Paragraph 5 of the ABA Statement Policy, we make no comment upon material loss contingencies of that nature.

Consistent with the last sentence of Paragraph 6 of the ABA Statement of Policy and pursuant to the undertaking of the Company as set forth in the Company Letter that whenever, in the course of performing legal services for the Company with respect to a matter recognized to involve an unasserted possible claim or assessment that may call for financial statement disclosure we have formed a professional, conclusion that the Company must disclose or consider disclosure concerning such possible claim or assessment, we, as a matter of professional responsibility to the , Company, will so advise the Company and will consult with the Company concerning the question of such disclosure and the applicable requirements of Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No.

Very truly yours,. Environmental Compliance. Each Company is in compliance with all environmental laws applicable to it. Deposit Accounts: Investment Accounts.

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Part 1 - Deposit Accounts. Name and Address of Bank.

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Land Records Division, Arlington, VA. documents recorded in the land records office, regardless of document type, except judgments and financing statements. For tax assessment information: Arlington's Department of Real Estate Assessments with all mandatory recordation requirements set forth in the Code of Virginia. are recorded in the Arlington County Circuit Court's Land Records Division.

Collection Acct. Subject to Lockbox. Part 2 - Disbursement Accounts. Part 3 - Investment and Other Accounts. Name of. Name and Address.

Types of. Type of Account. Controlled Disbursement Accounts. Services

Syracuse, New York Thomson, Georgia Citibank Tower, 47 th floor,. Citibank Plaza 3 Garden Road,.

Driving Through Wilson Boulevard - Arlington, Virginia , USA

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Nashville, TN Albertville, MN McKenzie Street.

Foley, Al Los Angeles, California Waterloo, New York Duluth, GA Aurora, Ohio Lakewood, Colorado Tampa, Florida San Antonio, Texas Tannersville, PA Banning, California Hudson Valley division. Monroe, New York Clinton, Ct. Calavares Blvd.

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Milpitis, California Reheboth, Delaware Intellectual Property. See Exhibit B hereto. The only patterns and designs that we immediately send to the U. Copyright Office for registration because, in the event that someone accuses our company of infringement, it is important to make sure that we properly own the designs that we purchase. Therefore, we only officially copyright our own designs when a situation arises where a third-party is copying our designs.

In that case, we file an application that requests special handling. A special handling allows us to obtain a rushed copyright registration due to a pending litigation. Subsidiaries; Affiliates; Investments. Affiliates Subject to common ownership with Company. Labor Matters. The election results were 49 votes in favor of the Union and 55 against.

No prediction can be made at the present time regarding the outcome of that election or the pending charges. However, the Company believes that there will be no Material Adverse Effect even if the Union is certified as the exclusive bargaining representative for bargaining unit employees.

The Jewish Floridian ( June 29, 1962 )

Material Contracts. Real Estate Leases.

Much more than documents.

The tenant of those properties marked with an asterisk is Salant Holding Corporation. Property Location.

Land Records Division

NY, NY Village Center Dr Suite Swedesboro, NJ Trudeau, Vice President - Finance. Very truly yours, David W. Very truly yours, Victor M. Andrew C. Sarah Steinbaum, for the firm. Thomas G. Greater than 2. Greater than 3. Greater than 4. Issue Date. Expiration Date. Opening Balance. Unused Balance. Outstanding Acceptances. Guarantee Balance.